Tapas y Pinchos sin esfuerzo (Effortless Tapas and Pinchos)

If you are interested in attending one of these workshops in the future, please contact us via e-mail: fls.languages@auckland.ac.nz


Create a tapas dish and learn about culture through food.  Develop creativity by writing about the cooking experience and the recipe used.

Features: Learn the importance of food in every culture and how, in Spanish speaking countries, social and work events revolve around food.

Advantages: Hands-on experience in cooking easy recipes in the classroom will help the students master social and specific language.  At the same time, this kind of activity will contribute to sharpening cooperation skills and sharing in the classroom.

Benefits: Teachers will be able to use what they learn in their classrooms and create an engaging learning environment by making tapas and pinchos, as well as other activities relating to food.


Who Should Attend

Spanish primary and secondary teachers.  Other teachers with some Spanish knowledge are welcome.


Clara Gomez Jimeno. (Spanish NLA).



What to bring

An apron, a cutting knife and an 'apetito'!

Application Deadline