ILEP supports effective teachers to take on leadership roles within the language teaching community. Teachers share their knowledge and skills to promote sustainable language learning in schools.

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How ILEP can assist you:

  • Growing or maintaining the language programmes at your school
  • Building clusters of schools for more sustainable language programmes
  • Participating and presenting at conferences
  • Taking on a leadership role in professional development for language teachers nationwide

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A Teacher's Journey

Robin Hartley
St Heliers School

Robin progressed through all components of our curriculum support to assume a leadership position. At the Sustainability stage of the ILEP pathway he now addresses the wider community and sparks interest in language teachers to further their development.


If you are interested in taking up a leadership role in your region, please contact:
Morgan Patterson
P: 09 623 8899 ext. 46366
M: 027 2002601
E: or