Spanish Immersion Programme - Salamanca

Teachers are able to engage more deeply with the language and culture of the languages they teach through immersion programmes. 

These are unique professional development opportunities which have great and lasting effects upon teacher capability, student achievement and the success of Learning Languages in New Zealand schools.

*NOTE: This programme is not being offered to teachers during 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and border restrictions. 

Future Learning Solutions - Centre for Languages offers scholarship programmes to teachers of Spanish in New Zealand.

The Spanish Immersion Programme – Salamanca offers teachers of Spanish the opportunity to improve their Spanish language and cultural understanding with a 2 week immersion trip to Salamanca, Spain.

The course consists of 40 hours of Spanish Language and Culture classes and a homestay experience. 

Future Learning Solutions - Centre for Languages provides this language and culture immersion programme to Spain in partnership with the University of Salamanca.

Programme content

  • Spanish language and cultural classes at the University of Salamanca
  • Extra‐curricular activities such as workshops, cultural visits and trips to historical sites
  • Opportunities for both, homestay and residence accommodation during the 2 weeks

Programme outline

The course includes 4 hours of classes per day

  • Spanish language (2 hours)
  • Choice of: contemporary Spansh history; Spanish culture; business Spanish; English-Spanish translation; analysis of literary texts; speaking and writing (1 hour)
  • Choice of: contemporary Spanish literature; history of Spanish art; Spanish economy and society; oral skills (1 hour)

Extra-curricular activities include:

  • Cooking workshop
  • Two cultural visits to the city of Salamanca
  • Visit to the historical library of the University of Salamanca
  • Two day trips to two different cities


Preference will be given to registered teachers who

  • have had previous engagement in the Ministry of Educaion PLD/Spanish workshops
  • are involved in levels 1 to 4/Years 7‐10 of the Learning Languages area of the curriculum
  • are currently teaching Spanish
Application Deadline

Applications are now closed.