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Information sheets

Report on the Need to Build Capacity in International Language and Intercultural Capabilities in New Zealand:
The Role of Tertiary Education (Japanese as an Illustration)
- Deborah Corder, Junji Kawai and Annelies Roskvist

Strategy for Languages in Education Aotearoa New Zealand 2019- 2033 - Auckland Languages Strategy Working Group 

The Salzburg Statement for a Multilingual World - Education for Tomorrow's World

Information for Parents - How will my child benefit from learning a language?

Information for Students - How will I benefit from learning a language?

Ministry of Education – How will my son or daughter benefit from learning a language? A document for parents

Ministry of Education – Why should I encourage my students to learn languages? A document for principals and teachers

Ideas for Language use- Ideas for language use in a primary/intermediate classroom

International Languages Week - Ideas for the week

International Languages Week - World inventions



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The Power of Language


CareersNZ - Where to? - Languages






Learn a Language (ILEP 2015)



Asia New Zealand Foundation

European Day of Languages

International Languages Week site (by ILEP) – Links, resources, and ideas

NCEA Subject Resources (NZQA)

NZALT New Zealand Association of Language Teachers

tki Learning Languages

tki Curriculum resources International Languages Week


Case studies & interviews

Interview with Sharon Harvey, AUT

Interview with Yasumasa Shimizu, Mitsubishi New Zealand Ltd.


Book reviews



Becoming a High Expectation Teacher: Raising the Bar (By Christine Rubie- Davies)

book review - differentiate instruction.jpg   book review - getting the buggers.jpg   book review - what does this look like.jpg   book review - worksheets.jpg
How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms (By Carol Ann Tomlinson)   Getting the Buggers into Languages (By Amanda Barton)   What Does This Look Like in the Cassroom? (By Carl Hendrick and Robin MacPherson)   Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites (By Marcia L. Tate)
book review - becoming a wiz.jpg   book review - classroom instruction that works.jpg   book review - doing task-based.jpg   visible learning.png
Becoming a "Wiz" at Brain-Based Teaching (By Marilee Sprenger)   Classroom Instruction that Works (By Ceri B. Dean et al.)   Doing Task-based Teaching (By Dave Willis and Jane Willis)   Visible Learning for Teachers (By John Hattie)
book review - 10 mindframes.jpeg   book review - differentiated instruction.png   unlocking formative.jpg   book review - technology enhanced.jpg
10 Mindframes for Visible Learning (By John Hattie and Klaus Zierer)   Differentiated Instruction Made Easy (By Phyllis Kaplan et al.)   Unlocking Formative Assessment (By Shirley Clarke et al.)   Technology Enhanced Language Learning (By Aiha Walker and Goodith White)
book review - removing dyslexia.png   book review - Curriculum guidelines.jpg        
Removing Dyslexia as a Barrier to Achievement (By Neil MacKay)   Te Reo Māori Curriculum Guidelines (Ministry of Education NZ)         

Digital tools

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Information sheets

NCEA Information Pack Level 1

NCEA Information Pack Level 2

NCEA Information Pack Level 3

Card game instructions German



PosterGerman.jpg   Why learn german poster.jpg   With GERMAN where to.jpg   German Phrase of the week poster.jpg

The Power of German


Why learn German?


With German where to?


German phrase of the week

Goethe How cool is German small.jpg   Goethe How easy is German small.jpg   Goethe How hot is German small.jpg   Goethe How much fun is German small.jpg

How cool is German


How easy is German


How hot is German


How much fun is German

Goethe How sweet is German small.jpg            

How sweet is German




A Language with Heart (Goethe-Institut)

Easy German series

Lifeswap series

Successful with German(y) series (DAAD New Zealand) 

24h Deutsch - Learn German with Ida (Goethe-Institut)



GANZ German in Aotearoa New Zealand

German Embassy Wellington


Goethe-Institut New Zealand

Auckland Goethe Society

Goethe Society Wellington

Learn German: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Learning German FAST

Onleihe - Digitale Bibliothek des Goethe-Instituts

PASCH "Schulen: Partner der Zukunft"

Information sheets

NCEA Information Pack Level 1

NCEA Information Pack Level 2

NCEA Information Pack Level 3

card game instructions Spanish

Integrating Spanish into the school day



The Power of Spanish

Why learn Spanish?

Spanish phrase of the week

Spanish Library 



STANZA Spanish Teachers' Association New Zealand Aotearoa

ELEO Biblioteca Digital

Physical library flyer and catalogue (run in a cooperation between ILEP and the Spanish Ministry of Education (MECD))

don Quijote Spanish Language Learning


Case studies & interviews

Prime Minister Scholarship for Latin America, NZ Teachers of Spanish in Colombia (2018)