PACT Programme for Asian Language Collaboration in teaching

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Supported by the North Asia Centre for Asia- Pacific Excellence



PACT Programme is a two- term intensive programme for Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean teachers who want to learn more about practical teaching solutions and ideas and to create a network for further support in their practices.

Join the ILEP team for the following:

Workshop 1 (full day)

  • Language as a process - real life language in the classroom
  • Modelling of best practice -  followed by reflection and creation of your own resources 
  • Turning theory into practice
  • Collaborating with others to create sustainable networks through a cluster inquiry 
  • Teacher toolkit - practical tools to apply straight away
  • Support for non-  native speakers to select a language course to complete during the two term programme

Online workshops (60 minutes each)

  • Four workshops over the two term programme after school hours
  • Delivered in the flipped learning model - podcast and reading
  • Discussion forum and practical application

Classroom visits

  • 2 in- school support visits over the two term programme - cluster inquiry and application of toolkit focus
  • Follow up discussions with the programme facilitator
  • Progression in teaching pedagogy from visit one to visit two
  • Teacher videos; 2-5 minutes of evidence of your teaching based on elements of the programme

Workshop 2 (full day)

  • Discussion, analysis and next steps based on group feedback of teacher video
  • Big picture language learning - tying all elements of the programme to the NZC
  • Individual impact of the cluster inquiry
  • Sustainability of the cluster and inquiry

Applications for 2018 are closed





Belinda Sydenham, Teacher Development Adviser:

Hyun- Joo Kim, Korean Language Mentor: