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Morgan Patterson, Programme Manager

Morgan leads the Centre for Languages and has experience as an HOD Languages and teacher of French. She is responsible for the overall quality delivery of all contracts and ensuring that teachers of languages throughout New Zealand are getting their individual and school needs met. Morgan invites you to contact any of our team for support with your language teaching and pedagogy needs or wants.

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Lydia Thomson, Service Delivery Lead

Lydia has been working in project/programme environments for the past five years and is glad to have joined the Future Learning Solutions team. She has enjoyed the challenge of attempting to learn new languages both at school and prior to overseas travels. When Lydia is not at work, she is most likely to be found at home pottering about in her garden.


Neena Raniga, Programme Coordinator

Neena has been with UniServices since 2007 and with the University of Auckland since 1994. She has been part of Future Learning Solutions, Centre for Languages as a Programme Coordinator for the past five months. It's been exciting and lovely for Neena working alongside members of FLS colleagues and the team of language professionals.

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Kath Doody, Programme Coordinator

Kath joined the Future Learning Solutions Team in August 2019 and is originally from Dunedin. With a background in marketing, tourism, sales and customer service,  she brings a huge variety of skills to the role. Having grown up in a multicultural family with a Polynesian mother and Kiwi father she enjoys learning about other cultures and languages. She speaks Spanish to an intermediate level, basic Samoan and is currently learning te reo Māori.

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National Language Adviser – Chinese

We are awaiting the appointment of a new Chinese National Advisor and will update this page once this appointment has been made.
The Ministry of Education fund their work through Future Learning Solutions and their role is to support the development of Chinese language education in New Zealand. 

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Alexandra Toeniges, National Language Adviser – German

Alexandra arrived in New Zealand from Germany in September 2019. She was born in Germany and has spent most of her life in Cologne, a vibrant, friendly city in the western part of Germany. After her degree at the University of Cologne, Alexandra went to the United Kingdom to do her teacher training with the focus on Modern Foreign Languages. She used to work at different types of schools such as Grammar Schools and Colleges as a teacher of foreign languages.

Alexandra is very much looking forward to her time in New Zealand and to be cooperating with New Zealand teachers. She is keen to share her knowledge of the German culture, language and education system with them. 

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National Language Adviser – Japanese

We are awaiting the appointment of a new Japanese National Advisor and will update this page once this appointment has been made.
The Ministry of Education fund their work through Future Learning Solutions and their role is to support the development of Japanese language education in New Zealand. 

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Clara Gómez-Jimeno, National Language Adviser – Spanish

Clara has been an ESOL and Spanish teacher for many years in Great Britain, Spain and the USA. She also has experience in education leadership. She is passionate about languages and culture, bilingual education and education in general, as well as traveling. She believes that everybody can be culturally proficient in a culture he or she is interested in and although learning a language can sometimes be hard, it is a great and rewarding experience. 

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Guillaume Charton, National Language Adviser – French

Guillaume has over 15 years of experience teaching junior and senior French (from Year 7 to 13) at Wakatipu High School, Queenstown. His strength lies in having students engaged through teaching approaches that are student-centred while encouraging them to explore, take risks, collaborate and develop as inquirers. He strives to grow students’ independence and a higher level of thinking to help them make sense of their learning and the world around them.  

Guillaume is enthusiastic about sharing his passion for learning French and building positive relationships with students and the learning community. With exceptional skills in the use of digital technologies as a way to transform learning, Guillaume uses blended learning and Google Suite. Furthermore, Guillaume feels that being part of the student’s learning journey beyond the classroom helps their holistic development. With 10 years of experience as Head of Learning, Guillaume has been involved in the planning, designing and implementing of teaching curriculums and overseeing the day-to-day delivery of these programmes. 

As a National Language Adviser, Guillaume welcomes the opportunity to discuss further how his skills, experience and attributes could add value to the French classroom. 


Annelise Borger, Facilitator (on leave until January 2021)

Annelise recently moved to Wanaka from Christchurch with her husband. She has spent the last six years establishing and growing the Chinese language programme at Middleton Grange School. During her time at Middleton Grange, she was the lead ALLiS coordinator for a cluster of four Christian schools in Christchurch where she established and grew the Chinese programmes across the schools. Annelise has had the opportunity to participate in the TPLT programme, Chinese Immersion programmes and also received the NZ Chinese Distinguished Teacher Award (Early Career) in 2017. Annelise is passionate about learning and loves to share her experiences with others. She has specific expertise in developing resources for the Chinese classroom, Flipped Learning, eLearning, especially in regard to using Microsoft tools in the classroom and she is also keen to explore what the new Digital Technologies Curriculum looks like in the language classroom. Other interests: Mountain Biking, skiing, learning new languages and handcrafts.

Abbie Law

Abbie has worked as a Spanish teacher in Dunedin for the last 11 years, to intermediate and secondary school students. She enjoys helping students find a passion for learning languages and culture as well as engaging students in relevant content. Abbie also has experience working for Otago University College of Education as an Associate Teacher. She has had the opportunity to participate in the TPLT programme, Language Immersion award (Chile) and a Prime Minister’s Scholarship to Colombia. 

Abbie is passionate about supporting teachers in their first 5 years of teaching as well as developing the pedagogy of language teaching and learning for native speakers who have not been formally trained. Abbie is looking forward to working with teachers across New Zealand to provide practical support. 


Belinda Sydenham, Facilitator

Belinda has worked in schools in New Zealand, Australia and Japan, teaching Japanese, French and ESOL to students from primary to upper secondary level for over 25 years. She enjoys working with teachers to develop their language teaching pedagogy, to make their lessons fun and engaging, and to enhance the learning outcomes for their students. She brings an understanding of the huge challenges faced by language teachers as they deal with multi-level classrooms, assessment, and the ever increasing busy-ness of the school curriculum. As well, she brings a passion and enthusiasm for language teaching and an understanding of its huge value for New Zealand students.

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Hyun-Joo Kim, Facilitator

With her academic background in languages, linguistics, language teaching and education, Hyun-Joo Kim has been an educator for nineteen years working nationally and internationally to promote Korean language learning and teaching. She has been teaching Korean to learners of a wide range of backgrounds and cultures in both secondary and tertiary educational settings. During her twelve years of service at Korea University as a lecturer, she has developed and delivered Korean language courses of all levels, from beginners through advanced, as well as intensive immersion programmes for adult learners for professional development purposes. She looks forward to contining working closely with primary and secondary teachers of all languages to ensure that Learning Languages remains a viable and sustainable curriculum area in all schools in Aotearoa.


Janelle Wood, Facilitator

Janelle taught languages to Year 7 and 8 students. She was an In-School Support Facilitator for the TPLT/TPDL programme for 8 years. For two of those years she was also the Language Study Co-ordinator for TPLT. In addition to studying the languages she taught, German and Japanese, Janelle has studied Chinese, Korean and Spanish.


Karen Hu, Facilitator

Karen has been a Chinese and ESOL language teacher for the last 10 years, combined with teaching mathematics for the last 5 years. She has been teaching across a range of education sectors including private and international schools in China as well as kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in NZ. She is currently teaching Chinese to Year 7 and 8 in a local primary school in Wellington. She holds a Master's degree from Victoria University where she predominately focused on task-based language teaching and curriculum design. Karen has been actively involved with the Confucius Institute at Victoria University Wellington as a Chinese Language Program consultant. She has trained and supported many Mandarin Language Assistants in NZ primary schools. Karen is passionate about language teaching, and adult training. She is looking forward to sharing her teaching and learning ideas as well as delivering workshops that can meet language teachers' needs. Prior to teaching, Karen was a Microsoft certified hardware technician, an award-winning photographer and Director of Smile Photography in Wellington and has worked as a freelance translator. Karen is currently an Executive MBA program candidate at Victoria University of Wellington. She is based in Wellington.


Siliva Gaugatao, Facilitator – Centre for Languages and Pacific-led Education Solutions

Siliva is an experienced language and literacy facilitator. In his role as languages facilitator, Siliva has helped to establish and sustain the success of the Cook Islands Māori, Lea Faka-Tonga and Gagana Sāmoa language clusters. He co-ordinated the writing of the Senior Secondary Guides for Cook Islands Māori, Lea Faka-Tonga, Gagana Sāmoa and Vagahau Niue and helped language teachers to fully understand the expectations of the NZ curriculum in practice. He was also part of a research team of four that reviewed and redesigned the inaugural Samoan Reading Assessment Tool (SRAT) for an Auckland Samoan Bilingual Cluster. Siliva is passionate about improving outcomes for all students, especially Maori, Pasifika. Key to achieving successful outcomes include the deliberate utilisation of students’ identities, languages and cultures in their learning. He is also a doctoral student investigating the engagement of Samoan fathers and male caregivers in the education of their children at secondary schools. 

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Stephanie Mortimore, Facilitator

Stephanie has experience as an HOD Languages, a teacher of Japanese, and most recently as a Senior Leader in Deaf Education where she also learnt NZ Sign Language.   Her personal educational philosophy has always been focused on improving outcomes for all students.  She has a wide variety of professional interests including:  language teaching pedagogy, e-learning, assessment, equity, culturally sustaining practice and leadership.   Stephanie is looking forward to working with teachers across all sectors of the language teaching community.  She is based in Auckland.

Tony Halalilo, Facilitator – Centre for Languages and Pacific-led Education Solutions

Tony Halalilo is originally from Dunedin and is proud of his Tongan and Northern Irish decent. Tony has worked and studied Japanese whilst teaching in Hiroshima, Japan and was one of the first foreign language teachers in Japan to have a full time English teaching role. As well as having a variety of language and cultural responsibilities in a number of New Zealand schools, Tony has also lived and worked in Shanghai, China teaching at the British International School of Shanghai for 6 years. Language and culture has often been at the forefront of how to best understand change for Tony and both are passions for successful inclusive education in New Zealand. In addition to working full time over the past 5 years at Auckland University, he has also recently finished a Post Graduate qualification in Education at the University. Tony is a people person whose strengths include his ability to create and facilitate high trust, reciprocal, open learning relationships, perfect for facilitating learning and development for Future Learning Solutions.