French – Term 2

Update from a Wellington French Language assistant

Sylouan Poitou is a French language assistant working in Wellington schools this year. See below an email sent to our team recently which shows the positive benefit of this experience for Sylouan, the students and teachers. For information on welcoming a European language assistant to your school contact us


Hello Morgan,
I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my first term here, please do forward it to the team if you want. 
Thank you for making our stay possible, I'm having a tremendous time in Wellington.
Although, I did not know anyone in the city at first, I have been warmly welcomed by all the schools 
I work with, and my host school and host teacher, Annabelle, have been so nice to me. 
I love the job! For example, I had to leave one one school the other day because I was feeling really sick but I did not want to leave, 
I am also slowly building relationship with the kids. It is a hard thing to do when you are only seeing them once a week
but I can tell they feel much more comfortable speaking with me at the end of term compared to how shy they were are the beginning.
On a personnal level, since I am still technically a student, I joined lots of clubs in the Victoria University in Wellington. I was very pleasantly surprised to see
there was a handball team for example, a sport I had played when I was in highschool, so I joined the team here. I also started playing squash with the Uni club, a very kiwi/ british sport as it is not at all popular in France. To this list, I also added the French club, (they have breakfast with croissants and pains aux chocolats, how could I not join?), the International Christian club and the board games club. 

All in all, that makes me able to fill my free time and meet a lot of native kiwis. 

During the vacations, we went for a little trip in the North of the South with Théo, Kevin, Sebastian and a friend of mine from Wellington. Great weather and good spirit, that sums up our holidays! 
I am very happy with choosing Wellington, the city is absolutely lovely, although it is so rainy and windy all the time, people are great and warm. I have found a flat quite quickly and I get along really well
with my flatmates, it's a great opportunity for me to get a better understanding of the New Zealand culture. 
I now just got back to school for term 2, and now that I've set up a "comfort zone" I am looking forward to work and try new activities with the students and the teachers!
I hope you all have a good term,