Chinese – Term 2

Feedback on the 2019 Immersion Programme in Beijing

I would like you to share my email with those who would appreciate a thank you.
Re. The 2019 Immersion programme in Beijing.
I have a sincere desire to thank everyone who made this programme and adventure possible. I am enriched with new knowledge, skills and a growing understanding of the Chinese language and culture. Following this well structured programme, I have learned the value of communicating effectively in Mandarin as well as the success that comes from teaching the language within the context of the beautiful cultural settings. It was a life changing experience that had a profound impact on me as a person and as a teacher. 
I am committed to continue my own studies with the purpose to be an effective teacher of Mandarin and also to provide the students with a growing respect and understanding of a culture that spans thousands of years. I will lead them to develop the language skills they need to communicate effectively in mandarin.
I know this trip will benefit my own students as well as the wider school.
My sincere thank you for investing in me and providing this amazing opportunity.
Warm regards
Petro Els
Lead Teacher 
Whanau Mansfield
Howick Intermediate School

Poems in Chinese and English


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