New Zealand Sign Language(NZSL) - Term 3, 2021

New Signs:


Did you know?

  1. There are around 70 million people using various versions of Sign Language according to the World Federation of the Deaf
  2. NZSL is its own language with its own structure, it is not a direct representation of verbal English.
  3. To get a Deaf student's attention in the classroom, flick the lights on and off.  Some schools have installed lights that go off at the same time as the school bell.
  4. NZSL Share is a website where signs are posted by the Deaf community.  It is great if you are looking for signs related to particular school subjects.


Immersion Day

The Immersion Day in Wellington before the NZALT Conference was slightly different than usual.  We asked Ursula Thynne from Ko Taku Reo to come and introduce NZSL to teachers as part of their day.  It was a great opportunity to be exposed to another language and develop one’s repertoire to be inclusive of all students in the classroom.

Some comments from teachers included:

"I loved the sign language session as I've never done any in NZ and it really makes you reflect about your learners and how they feel when you are 100% in TL"

"Loved the sign language session..."

" I really enjoyed the teaching style of Ursula..."

Photo: Ursula Thynne presenting one of her workshops as part of Immersion Day