Visible Learning and the Science of How we Learn

Book Review of Visible Learning and the Science of How we Learn 


Karen Hu, Facilitator for FLS Centre for Languages reviews this book by Authors John Hattie and Gregory Yates

This is a great book for all subject teachers to understand what actually works in improving students’ learning. It presents a collection of research from both education and cognitive psychology to provide teachers with insights into how children actually learn.  The book explains the principles and strategies of learning and the key audiences are aimed at both teachers and students. This is a bestseller book and was described by the TES as revealing education’s ‘holy grail’.

The book covers the following topics:
•    Teacher personality
•    Expertise and teacher-student relationships
•    How knowledge is stored and the impact of cognitive load
•    Thinking fast and thinking slow
•    The psychology of self-control
•    The role of conversation at school and at home
•    Invisible gorillas and the IKEA effect
•    Digital native theory
•    Myths and fallacies about how people learn.