Have Your Say, Be Loud and Clear!

The Education (Strengthening Second Language Learning in Primary and Intermediate Schools) Amendment Bill is currently before select committee and submissions are being accepted on the detail of the bill. This bill was submitted by former National Party MP Nikki Kaye who was very keen to work across parties to bring more focus and significance to the importance of language learning, use and maintenance in Aotearoa. 

We encourage you to read the bill as it currently stands, discuss and share it in your departments, schools, listservs, forums with the goal of delivering a submission that outlines your support for the bill as well as the suggested changes and/or enhancements that you see as necessary.  

As a community of people who work tirelessly to bring language learning, use and maintenance to our schools and communities nationwide it is very important that each of you have your voice heard. It is not often that a bill is submitted, let alone drawn from the ballot, that promotes and supports language learning, use and maintenance.  

Read the bill, understand the process and make a submission.