Formative Assessment in Languages – Video Project Proposal

Formative Assessment in Languages – Request for Volunteers

Priscilla Lynch, Faculty Leader - Languages at St Mary’s College, Ponsonby, Auckland sent us this request for help from Languages Teachers. 
Read the details below:


I am lucky enough to have received a TeachNZ sabbatical for this term.  My project is to look at formative assessment strategies in the NZ languages classroom and I would love you to help me out – it will not take too long and will, I hope give a wonderful insight into language teaching in Aotearoa New Zealand!

My project involves interviewing teachers of various languages and asking them for one (or more) strategy that they use regularly (or irregularly 😊) in their classroom.  I am keen to see how these activities work to help see that students are learning what has been taught.

This may be such things as exit cards, review testing at the start of a lesson, oral feedback, traffic lights – or anything that you feel works in your classroom. If you can tell me why you feel this works for you then that would be great.

These interviews will then be published onto a youtube channel and a report linking the activities back to Ellis’ Principles will be published. This is hopefully going to be considered a useful resource for languages teachers – training, beginning and experienced.

So, if you agree to participate, here is what I would like to do:

  • Arrange a time to interview you – after the seniors leave (in person or via Zoom if you prefer)
  • Do the interview and then…
  • Make sure you are OK that the interview goes online (if not I will paraphrase your words and call you teacher A, B, C etc)
  • You will of course get a link to the YT channel and a copy of the report when it is done

So far I have done one test interview – it was only 3 minutes or so which is my goal – mini interviews - so hopefully it would be nothing too arduous.  

I do really hope you will say yes, and if you do and I see you in person, you know I will come with thank you treats to get you through the rest of Term 4.

I look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to pass this on to anyone other language teacher you think may be keen to take part – the more the merrier! 😊

Contact details: (or

Priscilla Lynch, St Mary’s College, Auckland