Formulaic Expressions Resource Pack

Formulaic expressions are the gateway to increasing use of target language in the language classroom. Formulaic expressions are common phrases that are used regularly during linguistic interactions. For example, in a language classroom, the phrases, ‘Can you help me?’ or ‘How do I say…?’ are commonly said in the language classroom. By using these expressions in the target language and encouraging your students to do the same, you will greatly increase the amount of target language used in the classroom. You don’t need to teach the students what each word means, necessarily, but rather teach them the expression as a whole. This will allow the students to use the language for meaningful communication and provide a foundation for rule-based competence in the future.

Future Learning Solutions – Centre for Languages have created a New Zealand themed Forumulaic Expressions Resource Pack in eleven different languages for you to use in your classroom! There are fifteen expressions in each pack. Download the resources and guide for free and print the cards and posters to use in your language classroom. For more activity ideas visit this Padlet page to see how you can make the most of your new Formulaic Expressions resources!

Look out for upcoming EXPLORE workshops that will focus on how to use these formulaic expressions in the classroom.

We would like to acknowledge the following people for helping us translate the phrases into their languages: Itiao Aniterea, Monu Fotu, Sean Jonan, Matthew Lawrence, Tupou Manapori, Lino Nelisi, Tina 'Otunuku, Peta Ravlich, Constanza Tolosa.

***The Formulaic Expressions Resource Pack resources may be printed and photocopied for classroom use but must not be reproduced, remixed or shared without prior permission from Future Learning Solutions – Centre for Languages***

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