Korean - Term 1, 2020

Results of the the 2nd Korean Language Awards in NZ Schools

Learn about the awards that were presented to students by The Korean Education Centre (Director II Hyoeng Jeong) at the end of 2019.

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Global LYNCs  (Linking Youths through Net Communications) 

Online Cultural Exchange opportunity between New Zealand and Korea

Professor Keong Ku (Keimyung University) continues to invite New Zealand schools to participate in her online cultural exchange project Global LYNCs (Linking Youths through Net Communications) in 2020.

After the successful introduction in Australia in 2015, the project has also been introduced in New Zealand in 2018. The project has been successfully offering authentic learning opportunities through communication between sister schools in New Zealand and Korea through regular video conference sessions for the past two years. 

The project involves:

  • Matching your class with a class at a partner school in Korea
  • Regular ZOOM videoconferencing sessions in English which you are invited to by email
  • Building strong, sustainable partnerships

Students will grow:

  • Global awareness and competence
  • Intercultural knowledge, skills and understanding
  • ICT skills
  • Communication skills and collaboration skills

Teacher training and support with resources and technology will be provided.

This project is primarily intended for cultural exchange. Any school (primary, intermediate, or secondary) and teacher can participate. However, there is the possibility of adding a language component to the exchange if the students’ Korean language proficiency allows for it.

If you are interested to join or find out more about the project, please contact:

Hyun-Joo Kim, Professional Expert – Centre for Languages | Future Learning Solutions hj.kim@auckland.ac.nz, 027-558 7938

The 69th TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) 

Saturday, 23 May in Auckland and Wellington

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