Chinese - Term 1, 2020

《两只老虎》Two Tigers is a brand new Chinese movie produced by 赵薇 (Zhao wei), directed by 李非(Li fei), starring the most famous comedy movie star in China 葛优 (Ge you). It is a fantastic movie if you are from northern China, especially if you are from Beijing.  The Ge style humor will bring you straight back to Beijing Hutong.  If you haven’t been home for a while, the film will take you on a rich cultural and linguistic ride.  This is a tragic comedy, it is a story about an absurd connection between the kidnapper (乔杉) and a rich billionaire (葛优)。 Although the story is not quite as logical as you would expect, the humour can be quite abstract, the film deeply reflects the humanity and the complex dynamic between the rich and poor in China.  If you enjoy abstract comedy and are missing the northern Chinese humour this would be a great film to watch!

Watch the Trailor: