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2019 Korean Language Competition 

The Korean Education Centre in New Zealand (Director Il Hyeong Jeong), held the 7th New Zealand Korean language competition on Saturday, 21 September at the University of Auckland to celebrate the Korean language day (9 October). Around 400 participated in this event including students from NZ intermediate and secondary schools, Korean language learners from the University of Auckland and the Korean Education Centre, and friends and families. This year, 47 students applied under five different divisions: Intermediate School, Secondary School, Tertiary & Adult (Beginner), Tertiary & Adult (Intermediate) and Tertiary & Adult (Advanced). Congratulations to all of the students who presented. 

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For the Intermediate School Division, the 1st place prize was awarded to Ariana Kralicek (Balmoral Intermediate School) with her topic “My various dreams”. The 1st place prize for the Secondary School Division was awarded to Abigail Yeo (ACG Parnell College) with her topic “The unforgettable history class”. The special prize category was voted by the audiences. For the Intermediate and Secondary School Divisions, the special prizes were awarded to Skye Teague (Waikowhai Intermediate School) and Victoria Whittaker (St. Dominic's Catholic College). 

Along with quizzes and a photo contest, various cultural activities and traditional games were also available on the day of the competition for students to explore and experience the unique and rich culture of Korea.

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Teach English and Experience Korea - 2020 TaLK Scholarships

What is the TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) Programme?
The TaLK program offers the opportunity to experience Korean culture and lifestyle whilst teaching English in primary schools located in rural areas of Korea up to 15 hours per week for 6 months.

Applications close: Friday 13 December 2019

How to apply: Online registration at www.talk.go.kr

Enquiries to Korean Education Centre, New Zealand
email: nzkoreanedu@gmail.com
phone 09 303 2625

2020 Korean Language Class Fund

The Korean Education Centre is a government organisation representing the Korean Ministry of Education. Since the centre was established in 2012, they have been promoting and supporting the Korean language and culture to schools in New Zealand.

From 2019, schools may apply for additional funding through the CAPE programme* (Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence) if they wish to teach more hours for the Korean language class.
CAPE: The CAPE is funded by the NZ government through the Tertiary Education Commission. 


The objective of the fund is to provide and support New Zealand  schools to establish and run sustainable Korean language classes.
The Fund covers the salary of a Korean language teacher ($40.00/hr) 
KEC supports the salary of the Korean language teacher for the first 120hrs Max./year.
CAPE* supports the salary of the Korean language teacher for extra 120hrs Max./year.

*CAPE’s fund will only be available until 2021. Schools will be selected based on the allocation of the Korean language class within the school curriculum, NCEA levels and sustainability of the programme after the CAPE funding.

Applications open to schools nationwide within New Zealand.

Application submissions close: Friday, 6 December 2019

For more information:

Website: www.nzkoreanedu.com
Email: nzkoreanedu@gmail.com   
Phone: 09-303-2625
Address: Level 7, 63 Albert St. Auckland CBD