YouTubing for newbies by Belinda Sydenham 

Our new YouTube channel has been an opportunity for some really enjoyable professional learning. Finding ways to be able to bring PLD to as wide an audience as possible was behind this initiative. We are very aware that our main centre teachers have easier access to workshops and programmes than those in more isolated areas, and in an age of technology, it is now time for us to make our PLD available to a wider audience at no cost to them. 

But it is no small task to take a workshop that has been presented in person and develop it into a workable, engaging online presentation. There is so much that needs to be thought about. We have been fortunate in the experience and skill of one of our Professional Experts, Annelise Borger, who has guided us all in how to do this. Gone are long, probably rambling voiceovers of busy PowerPoint slides with far too much information. In their place is a clean slate, with key ideas, a well-scripted voiceover, and Future Learning Solutions branding that is consistent across all our products. 

Learning a new skill at my age has been a real challenge, but also a real joy. Technology allows us to do so much, and we can feel confident that teachers can enjoy this new way of getting PLD in bite-sized chunks from wherever they are. We can keep creating, updating and sharing with teachers continuously. 

Teachers can give us feedback and we can cater to the needs they currently have. 
Learning to be happy seeing myself on screen and taking time to ensure the recording is accurate and clear have been the biggest challenges. But I am firmly of the opinion that this is a hugely impactful way of getting our messages out to teachers, and worth every minute of effort. 

Belinda Sydenham, Professional Expert – Centre for Languages