Meet ILEP National Language Advisers



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Dr Jiwei Fu
National Chinese Adviser

I support teaching and learning of Chinese in NZ schools. The position is co-appointed by the Ministry of Education of NZ and of China. I also work in close association with Chinese Embassy and the Consulate – General of China. Read more



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Rosaria Campbell
National French Adviser

I work in close association with the cultural and educational departments at the French Embassy and other supporting bodies such as the Alliance Française and New Zealand Association of French Teachers. Read more



National German Adviser

Read More



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Kyoko Mikami
National Japanese Adviser 

I arrived  in January 2017 to take up my appointment with the Japan Foundation. I am now  a member of the ILEP team and  also have close working relations with the Embassy and Consulate-General. Read more




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Hyun-Joo Kim
Korean Language Mentor

I work as part of the ALLiS (Asian Language Learning in Schools) team developing  teaching and learning of Korean in ALLiS funded schools in New Zealand. With an academic background in language teaching and over 15 years of experience, I am looking forward to engaging with teachers of Korean within the network of ALLiS clusters. Read more



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Cristóbal Gutiérrez Carrera
National Spanish Adviser

I am the National Adviser for Spanish and Education Attaché at the Embassy of Spain in Wellington. Previously I was head of the International Programmes Unit at the Spanish Ministry of Education and worked as a language teacher,  teacher trainer and language adviser in Spain, Canada, Belgium and Portugal. Read more


National Language Advisers

Teachers can benefit from language and cultural expertise of National Language Advisers.

  • National Language Advisers are experts in language pedagogy and give practical advice on classroom management, lesson design, teaching techniques, intercultural communicative language teaching, task-based learning and more. 
  • ILEP  provides National Language Advisers for Chinese,  French,  German,  Japanese and Spanish. Also, as part of the Asian Language Learning in Schools (ALLiS) initiative, ILEP's Korean Language Mentor is available to teachers of Korean that receive ALLiS funding.

ILEP provides pedagogical support for international languages supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Education



Contact the National Language Advisers or email about workshops for your language.