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Professional support for teachers of French in New Zealand is offered by the following organisations:

Future Learning Solutions - Centre for Languages

We support schools and teachers to implement the Learning Languages curriculum area through the promotion of a five-stage professional learning pathway for schools and teachers in years 7-13.

New Zealand Association of French Teachers (NZAFT)

NZAFT is a subject association which provides support for teachers and students of French in New Zealand. For more information or to join NZAFT, visit Their email group for teachers of French is an excellent source of information and resources. It is also the primary medium through which organisations advertise opportunities, scholarships, grants and other important information for teachers and students. To register, contact NZAFT.

New Zealand Association of Language Teachers (NZALT)

NZALT is a professional network of language teachers with over 500 members. It runs a number of initiatives designed to support teachers in the classroom including competitions and professional development opportunities.

For more information or to join NZALT, visit

French Embassy

For more information, visit

Alliance Française

The Alliance Française is a worldwide network of nonprofit associations dedicated to the promotion of the French language and the cultures of France and of the many French-speaking countries abroad.

For more information, visit

French Teachers’ Website

This website is a source of support, resources and information on all aspects of teaching French. A fortnightly newsletter is generated from this website containing updates from the Ministry of Education, shared resources, tools for teachers and tips for the classroom.

For more information, visit

TKI Learning Languages

The Learning Languages Community is a portal to professional learning opportunities, professional support for the New Zealand Curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, resources and key links for language teachers. Learning Languages publishes regular newsletters to keep language teachers informed about important deadlines and events.

For more information, visit

Shared Histories

The Shared Histories project is about students in New Zealand schools partnering with students in French schools to carry out projects of remembrance for the duration of the WW1 commemoration period 2014-2018. For more information, visit

Immersion and Scholarship opportunities available to teachers of French in New Zealand are:

Stage de Nouméa

Teachers can participate in a 2/3-week immersion and study experience in Nouméa. The programme includes school observations, intercultural inquiry and formal language classes at the University of New Caledonia. For more information, visit Stage de Nouméa.

English Language Assistantships to France

The French Ministry of Education offers a number of positions to New Zealanders as English Language Assistants in France.

These are generally of 7 months duration from September to March. There are also positions available in New Caledonia (April - October) Applicants need to have a University degree or be in their final year of undergraduate studies at the end of the academic year. Further information and application forms are available on the Embassy of France website:

Assistantships in France

Assistantships in New Caledonia