Meet the new Japanese National Language Adviser - Kaori Fukazawa

Chat in Japanese:

- Monday, August 16th, 6-7pm

- Tuesday, August 17th, 4-5pm 

- Wednesday, August 18th, 5-6pm

Chat in Japanese and English:

- Monday, August 16th, 4-5pm 

- Tuesday, August 17th, 6-7pm 



Future Learning Solutions - Centre for Languages, is delighted to welcome and introduce the new Japanese National Language Adviser (NLA), Kaori Fukazawa.

Kaori is currently based in Saitama, Japan, working remotely, until she can travel to Aotearoa.

Kaori has been involved in language education in different contexts.  She has taught English at secondary schools in Japan prior to shifting to be a Japanese language teacher.  She completed a Masters of Japanese Language Teaching (Professional) at Akita International University.  During her study at AIU, Kaori was interested in the course design based on the learner-centred approach as well as the Japanese prosody. 

As a Japanese language teacher, Kaori has worked for different learning purposes in Japan and in Egypt.  She has studied both Egyptian Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.  Kaori has also worked for the Japan foundation in Romania, as a Japanese language education specialist. 

Until Kaori can meet you in person, she would love to meet you 'virtually' via Zoom.