Languages Roadshow Wellington
Course Duration
6 hours, 30 minutes

Wednesday, 14 October
8.30am to 3pm

Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, 115 Oriental Parade, Wellington

Session 1
Guillaume Charton-for French teachers: Developing students engagement in learning French

Karen Hu-Integrating digital technology

Session 2
Alexandra Töniges-for German teachers: Wellbeing and mindfulness in the German classroom

Stephanie Mortimore-Inclusive Education in the language classroom

Session 3
Clara Gomez Jimeno-for Spanish teachers: Celebrations in Spanish speaking world

Janelle Wood-Teaching beginner learners

Session 4
Karen Hu-for Chinese teachers: Integrating Chinese festival culture into language teaching

Abbie Law-Practical activities to learn key vocabulary



Morning tea provided, bring your own lunch