Immersion Programmes

Teachers are able to engage more deeply with the language and culture of the languages they teach through the immersion programmes in New Zealand and abroad, some of which are sponsored by overseas governments.

ILEP runs yearly programmes for teachers in China, New Caledonia, Japan and Spain and supports scholarships to Germany.

These are unique professional development opportunities which have great and lasting effects upon teacher capability, student achievement and the success of Learning Languages in New Zealand schools. 


All Languages

Chinese Immersion Programme - Beijing

The Chinese and New Zealand Ministries of Education offer the opportunity for up to fifteen New Zealand teachers of Chinese to attend a three week intensive language and culture programme in China.

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French Immersion Programme - Stage de Nouméa

Teachers participate in a two to three week long immersion and study experience in Nouméa. A family home-stay experience is provided and study time is divided between school observations, intercultural inquiry and formal language classes at the University of New Caledonia. Read more

English Language Assistantships to France

The French Ministry of Education offers a number of positions to New Zealanders as English Language Assistants in France. These are generally a seven month duration from September to March. There are also positions available in New Caledonia (April - October). Applicants need to have a University degree or be in their final year of undergraduate studies.

Apply to Assistanceships in France or Assistantships in New Caledonia

Professional Learning Development Seminars

Up to five scholarships are available for teachers of German at primary, secondary or tertiary level to attend a two or three-week seminar in Germany (between June and September, or January). Read more

German Language Courses

Scholarships for teachers to refresh or advance their language level at a four or eight-week course in Germany. Read more

Japanese Immersion Programme - Kansai  

ILEP offers places for fully-registered current teachers of Japanese to attend a programme at the Japan Foundation Centre in Kansai, Japan. Read more

The Japan Foundation Sydney Seminars

Generally two seminars (three and a half day duration) are available each year, in January and September with a different focus. Read more 

The NZJEP Programme

This is a grants programme funded by the New Zealand Government to deepen understanding between New Zealand and Japan on a broad educational and cultural basis. Read more

Spanish Immersion Programme - Salamanca

Improve your Spanish and your teaching skills; be immersed in Spanish culture and enjoy a customised pedagogical programme for New Zealand teachers. A two-week immersion programme is offered to New Zealand teachers of Spanish at the prestigious University of Salamanca, Spain. Read more

UIMP Programme

Two teachers of Spanish participate in a 2-week long course on language enrichment, pedagogy, methodology, culture and special topics at a Spanish University. Read more

English Language Assistantships to Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Education offers approximately 50 positions to New Zealanders as English Language Assistants each school year. Read more

ILEP Language Course Grant

The ILEP Language Course Grant offers teachers of languages in New Zealand the opportunity to continue upskilling in their target language. Grants of up to $500 per applicant are available to contribute towards further target language study in a course identified by the applicant.