Host School Responsibilities

Language Assistants are generally employed by a group of up to five schools, with one of those schools, named as host school, being technically the "employer". 

Host schools are responsible for Language Assistants’ salaries. Salary instructions are provided by the Future Learning Solutions and salaries are calculated in the salary spreadsheet provided by the MoE.

Host schools are responsible for the following aspects of the programme: 

  • An appropriate staff member (usually a host teacher) is asked to sign the FLS Agreement/ Declaration Form. 
  • Sending an email welcome to the LA on behalf of itself and partner schools and specify the exact date upon which the LA is expected to take up duties and at which school, if the LA is shared by several schools. 
  • Provide the LA with the names of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Head of Languages and language teachers they will be working with in their group of schools. 
  • Preparation of an outline of expected teaching duties, school dress code, materials to bring etc. 
  • Providing/assisting with suitable temporary/permanent accommodation on LA’s arrival, with details of location and approximate cost. 
  • Obtaining arrival flight details and ensuring that someone will be at the airport to meet them. 
  • Liaison with other schools in group (partner schools) to determine the LA’s timetable which should be agreeable to all concerned, be consistent with the IEA and be communicated clearly to the Language Assistant. 
  • Assist the Language Assistant additionally as required and communicate any challenges to the National Adviser or the Programme Coordinator. 
  • Assist the Language Assistants to get the Principal to sign two copies of the Individual Employment Agreement (IEA).


Download a pdf copy of these conditions