GROW 5 - Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) - Years 1-10
Course Duration
10 month programme

26 February - 2 November 2021


This programme is intended for primary, intermediate and secondary school teachers of ALL LANGUAGES who wish to pursue an inquiry focusing on ways to make their language class more interactive and engaging for their learners using a Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) approach.





Workshop 1

Learn/Revisit Ellis, ICLT

Inquiry principles

Inquiry set up

Fri 26 February


Workshop 2

Examine - Mini Activities or Communicative Tasks?

Tues 16 March

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 3

Amend Existing Activities

Tues 11 May

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 4 

Explore/Experience Different Types of Communicative Tasks

Fri 18 June


Workshop 5 

Amend/Develop, Making your unit plan(s) more task-based

Tues 7 September

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 6 

Report/Plan Inquiry Presentations, next steps

Tues 2 November

3.30-5.30pm - Online