GROW 13 - He waka eke noa-Teacher Collaboration Across the Curriculum
Course Duration
6 month programme

26 February - 19 August 2021


This programme is intended for INTERMEDIATE and SECONDARY school teachers of PACIFIC LEARNERS in learning languages and one other colleague who wish to explore how to best support a group of students through a collaborative focus.





Workshop 1

Understanding teacher contexts
Learning from Covid-19
Co-constructing a theory about effective language practice. 
Ellis and iCLT principles
Effective teachers of Pacific learners

Fri 26 Feb 


Workshop 2

Examine, Refining focus for Inquiry







Tues 16 Mar  

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 3

Exploring different ways of working during (and post) Covid






Thurs 15 Apr 

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 4 

Exploring tools to maximise student learning, creating resources for inquiry, reporting on progress, working with Tapasa





Thurs 27 May 


Workshop 5 

Online Choiceboard-search relevant items for inquiry, respond and share learning and reflection with other teachers






Wed 23 Jun

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 6 

Inquiry Presentations, critical reflection, next steps







Thurs 19 August

3.30-5.30pm - Online