GROW 1 - An Inquiry Programme for Language Teachers
Course Duration
9 month programme

22 February - 18 October 2021


This GROW cluster will help you use the teaching as inquiry model as the vaka to investigate innovative ways to explore a specific problem of practice. You will develop confidence to implement effective language programmes in line with NZC expectations and gain a deeper understanding and application of key principles. Future Learning Solutions’ Facilitators will provide in-school support to teachers in the Grow programme. This will be through in-class observation and post observation discussion.




Workshop 1

Learn/Revisit, Inquiry Ellis principles

Mon 22 February


Workshop 2

Explore/Examine, Tailored to the needs of the cluster

Wed 31 March

3.30pm-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 3

Explore/Examine, Tailored to the needs of the cluster

Wed 5 May

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 4 

Share/Discuss, Sustainability, Effective Resources

Mon 31 May


Workshop 5 

Discussion after engagement with Choice Board online

Mon 28 June

3.30-5pm - Online

Workshop 6 

Inquiry presentations and next steps

Wed 18 October

3.30-5.30pm - Online