Explore, Grow, Master

To achieve the Ministry of Education’s vision for young people to have key language capability, skills and competencies, our unique solution offers a broad range of services, resources and support for both teachers and schools to meet their diverse needs and varying stages of development.

The Future Learning Solutions Centre for Languages have designed a new Learning Languages solution which is comprised of three core services that will support schools and teachers to EXPLORE, GROW and MASTER the required capabilities.


One-off seminars, events and resources that can be accessed by teachers, schools, families and communities to engage, promote and explore language learning, use and maintenance.







A year-long programme which includes a series of cluster-based workshops designed to support teachers to develop measurable capability in the effective teaching of languages and foster strong inter-school support networks.

  • Workshops will be customised to suit the needs of each cluster.
  • Teachers signing up for the generic Grow programme will be allocated into a cluster based on their geographical area.
  • Teachers signing up for a specific Grow programme will travel to the area where the Grow programme has been advertised. 
  • Future Learning Solutions will pay for associated travel for teachers who are outside of the programme region. 
  • Future Learning Solutions’ Professional Experts will provide in-school support to teachers in the Grow programme. This will be through in-class observation and post observation discussion. Minimum of one observation and discussion per teacher, per programme.  
  • Workshop evaluations will be completed after each workshop. 

Workshop 1:

A face-to-face workshop which will support teachers to develop an inquiry as per the NZ curriculum inquiry cycle. The workshop will also focus on the Intercultural Language Teaching (Newton) principles and Ellis principles.

Workshop 2:

An online workshop delivered by Zoom – tailored content as identified from workshop 1 with teachers and a Professional Expert.

Workshop 3:

A face-to-face workshop which will support teachers with planning, sustainability and resource use.

Workshop 4:

An online workshop delivered by Zoom – tailored content as identified from previous workshops with teachers and a Professional Expert.

Workshop 5:

An online workshop delivered by Zoom, designed around a choice board which will be shared in advance with participants.

Workshop 6:

An online workshop delivered by Zoom. All participants will present their individual inquiry.



The MASTER stream aims to identify self-directed, intensive and in-depth learning opportunities for teachers so that they can prepare for, or are supported in, their role as leaders in their schools and the wider Learning Language community.


This unique, multi-layer, multi-service solution will utilise the combined strengths and delivery methods of UniServices and the University of Auckland to enable varied degrees of support for teachers and schools.


We will also partner with the National Language Advisers, Language Assistants and other language providers to ensure a collaborative approach that delivers a comprehensive offering.


The deliverables will be underpinned by Teaching as Inquiry, and will improve overall language teaching pedagogy in alignment with the NZC.


Also strengthening our solution is a robust quality assurance framework designed to foster and promote innovation, engagement and connectedness, insights that inform impact, practice and continuous improvement. This methodology, along with our in-house expertise and resources, will support the development and successful implementation of language learning programmes in New Zealand schools.


The services, resources and support, will be accessible through a variety of face-to-face and technology facilitated options. This blended learning approach provides ultimate flexibility in presenting content. It is a cost effective and efficient way of extending reach and covers all learning styles