Language Teaching Consolidation Programme

The Language Teaching Consolidation Programme runs throughout the year, giving teachers hands-on, practical support in teaching their language or languages, and is structured in clusters to make networking with other teachers easy.

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What does it offer?
Who is it for?
Duration and Commitment
  • Cluster groups with workshops offering a range of topics based on teachers’ needs and backgrounds

  • Regular and on-going support via email and online platforms throughout the year

  • Hands-on practical help and resources

  • Classroom visits and feedback provided to assist with teacher inquiry

  • A guided teaching-as-inquiry project which can be used in many schools as part of appraisal

  • Three workshops – usually in terms 1, 3 and 4:

    • Workshop 1 – Pedagogy focus, and setting up inquiry

    • Workshop 2 – Inquiry progress, and resource sharing

    • Workshop 3 – inquiry presentations and final pedagogical session

  • Opportunities for subsidised structured language learning

  • Immediate and lasting benefit for teachers, students and schools 


  • With some experience in teaching a language 

  • Who have completed a professional development programme such as the ILEP Introduction to Language Teaching Programme or TPLT (formerly known as TPDL)

  • Who would like ongoing support and new ideas for their language teaching

  • Who want to share and exchange ideas and resources with other teachers, through online networks

  • Who want/need hands-on practical ideas and resources that work for teaching and learning

  • Who follow a school-wide goal/inquiry and would like to adapt it to their language teaching programme


The programme runs over the school year, with an initial full-day workshop followed by two half-day or after-school workshops. Participants are visited in their classrooms, and meet and work with peers on their teaching inquiry between workshops. Face-to-face and distance networking and resource sharing opportunities are part of the programme. At the end, participants will present their teaching as inquiry projects to each other, and submit these to ILEP, which will be part of a portfolio suitable for teacher appraisal.


Teachers on the Language Teaching Consolidation Programme will make a commitment to attend cluster meetings and to participate in sharing workshops both face-to-face and online over the school year. To get the most out of this programme, teachers will need an enquiring mind, a willingness to participate, and commitment to implementing what they have learnt back into their school.

Teacher Experience

Natalie Stone, Raumati Beach School

shares her experience as a participant in the 2017 Language Teaching Consolidation Programme.


For more information please contact:
Belinda Sydenham
Teacher Development Adviser

phone: 09 623 8899 ext 48552
mobile: 027 547 1951