CLIL - Tracing German history in Christchurch

Date TBC.

Christchurch City Centre

This workshop has been postponed due to Covid 19 Alert Level restrictions.

Out of class learning project:  Excursion to a historical piece of Germany's past in Christchurch - The Berlin Wall

Come along for a special walking tour through Christchurch´s city center and experience a unique piece of German history that now symbolizes one of the most important moments in recent German history - The Berlin Wall. Two pieces of the dismantled wall, which divided East and West Berlin from 1961 until 1989, have been installed in central Christchurch as a monument to the wall coming down. The painted slabs are 3.6 metres tall and weigh four tonnes each. They were gifted to Christchurch in 2016 by the German construction firm, which had the job of dismantling it. But why is this piece of German history here in New Zealand, and why in Christchurch? Why does it look different now, and what does it mean to the German community?  GDR-born journalist Alexandra Falk will tell you more about the exciting story of the two pieces of the original Berlin Wall. Attendees will experience a scavenger hunt through the city centre where they are going to collect little puzzle pieces about this important time in German history and learn more about the symbolic meaning of the wall pieces that are now here in New Zealand. Join us for this full-day walking workshop around Christchurch which aims to put you in touch with the city's German history.

You will experience a very 'hands-on' approach that you will be able to take back and use in your German language classrooms.  It will also give you an opportunity to apply your German, exchange ideas, and share resources.   All levels of German language ability are welcome.

Use the opportunity to apply your German and to exchange ideas and resources. 

Who Should Attend

Any teachers of German.  All levels of German language ability are welcome.


Alexandra Toeniges (German National Language Advisor) and Alexandra Falk (Journalist).



What to bring

Please wear clothing and footwear suitable for walking around Christchurch city centre (in all weathers).


Morning tea and lunch will be provided.  Please detail any dietary needs on the relevant section of the Registration form.