2022 GROW 8 - Differentiation: Meeting students' learning needs
Course Duration
7 month programme

30 March - 27 September 2022


This GROW programme is available to any teacher at primary and secondary schools wishing to learn about differentiation and how to apply it in a language classroom. New and experienced differentiators welcome. 

Teachers will explore the 4 main approaches to differentiation – content, process, product, learning environment described and promoted by Carol Tomlinson. 
Using an appreciative inquiry stance focusing on each teacher’s strengths, this Grow will challenge teachers to check if what you are delivering is fit for purpose. 

Teachers will gain the following benefits:

  • Reflect critically on how students learn best
  • Understand the rationale for differentiation 
  • Create a ‘differentiated’ resource 
  • Track your impact on students’ learning
  • Sharing and learning from the wisdom of others 


Workshop 1

Knowing our Strengths


Ellis principles




Wed 30 Mar  


Workshop 2

Differentiation Inquiry Refinement







Thu 12 May 

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 3

Resource Making






Tue 14 Jun 

3.30-5.00pm - Online

Workshop 4 

Building knowledge & Choice board activity







Wed 6 Jul


Workshop 5 

Sharing our learning







Tue 16 Aug 

3.30-5.00pm - Online

Workshop 6 


Inquiry presentations and next steps





Tue 27 Sep 

3.30-5.00pm - Online