2022 GROW 7 - Proverbs-Learning in the Deep
Course Duration
7 month programme

22 March - 28 September 2022



This GROW programme is available to any teacher at primary, intermediate and secondary schools of Pasifika languages and Te Reo Māori.

This programme aims to challenge teachers’ perspectives of curriculum and task design concerning the place of Pasifika and Māori perspectives in 21st century learning. We will focus on the ‘content’ and the pedagogical knowledge required to explore new ways of teaching and learning in a language classroom. Teachers will use the Tongan concept – Kakala (Johannson-Fua, 2014) - to explore deep learning using Proverbs.

Teachers will gain the following benefits:

  • Reflect critically on their own practice 
  • Explore deep learning from proverbs and their implications for curriculum planning 
  • Design quality learning tasks 
  • Consider how proverbs enable insights into deep understanding of others and self





Workshop 1

Knowing our Strengths


Ellis principles







Tue 22 Mar  


Workshop 2

Proverb Inquiry Refinement








Wed 18 May  

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 3

Resource Making








Thu 23 Jun

3.30-5.00pm - Online

Workshop 4 

Building knowledge & Choice board activity







Wed 10 Aug   


Workshop 5 

Sharing our learning







Tue 6 Sep

3.30-5.00pm - Online

Workshop 6 


Inquiry Presentations and next steps






Wed 28 Sep 

3.30-5.00pm - Online