2022 GROW 6 - Equitable Education in Language Learning
Course Duration
9 month programme

2 March - 2 November 2022


Learn of the equitable frameworks outline in our curriculum to ensure all students get a quality educational experience. We will discuss how relationships are key to student outcomes and achievement. Equitable education is for all students. Let’s investigate how we can all best achieve this. We will start by addressing the front end of the NZC.

  • Knowing your students
  • Equal opportunity for all learners
  • Cultural frameworks of reference


Workshop 1

Learn/Revisit, Inquiry set up



Wed 2 March


Workshop 2

Learn/Revisit, NZC




Thu 7 Apr  

4.00-5.00pm - Online

Workshop 3

Examine/Design, Cultural Frameworks to consider


Tue 24 May 


Workshop 4 

Cultural Responsive Education addressing the needs of all learners

Tue 16 Aug

4.00-5.00pm - Online

Workshop 5 

Develop/Share, Historical challenges in Education in Aotearoa

Thu 15 September

4.00-5.00pm - Online

Workshop 6 

Report/Plan, Inquiry Presentation, next steps

Wed 2 November

4.00-5.00pm - Online