2022 GROW 4 - Steering Students Towards Meaningful Spoken Communication
Course Duration
9 month programme

21 February - 7 November 2022


Communication is at the core of the Learning Languages Area of the New Zealand Curriculum. This programme is intended for languages teachers of levels 1-4 of the NZC, who would like to inquire into improving student outcomes, with a particular focus on increasing students spoken use of the language. It will be relevant for primary, intermediate and secondary teachers, whether new or experienced in teaching a language. 
Ellis’s Instructed Second Language Acquisition: A Literature Review and An introduction to the concept of intercultural communicative language teaching and learning: A summary for teachers, which both underpin this area of the Curriculum will be of particular importance to teachers in this programme. Their inquiry question over the programme, including during two In-School Support Visits will focus on at least one principle included in these documents. 
There will be times when teachers may be experiencing activities in a language they are not experienced in, particularly during Workshop 1, to allow them to reflect from the perspective of a language learner. 
Teachers are required to bring a short recording from their language classroom for Workshops 2 and 3, for their personal reflections.
Teachers will also be encouraged to trial a ‘task-supported’ approach to their practice.
Should teachers be required to travel for the in-person workshops, the Centre for Languages will cover the cost of and book for the travel and possibly also accommodation. The Centre for Languages will also reimburse the school for any required teacher release they require for at least one of the full days of workshops held in person.

Workshop 1





Mon 21 February


Workshop 2

Inquire/Reflect/Self-Evaluate/Discuss - Teacher Use of the Target Language (as one strategy to increase Student Use of the Target Language)

Thu 10 March

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 3

Inquire/Reflect/Self-Evaluate/Discuss - Maximising Students's (Spoken) Target Language Output



Thu 7 April 

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 4 

Explore/Share/Learn -A Task-Supported Approach, Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching principles

Mon 27 June


Workshop 5 

Learn/Share/Discuss -Sharing reflections after engaging with 'Choice Board' resources (readings/videos)

Thur 11 Aug 

3.30-5.30pm - Online

Workshop 6 

Report/Plan - Inquiry Presentation, next steps



Mon 7 November

3.30-5.30pm - Online